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Together we will take on a specific desire and goal and hit the ground running, removing obstacles and self limiting beliefs that hold you back one-by-one. It is designed to cause you to make the leap out of the uncomfortable “transition zone” and onto the path of least resistance in order to discover a more free, focused and purpose-driven you. In the process your personal and business desires will unite to create a foundation for you to actualize your potential. You will be amazed by all that we will create and accomplish within this time period.

Upon enrollment, you’ll receive an initial questionnaire to help us create a “game plan” for our time together.

You’ll receive four 60-minute recorded phone sessions. Each session will be strategically designed to help you map out what you need to get out of transition and into a happier, purpose-driven life. You will also have access to me between calls via text and email for ongoing support.

You’ll also receive personalized mantras and a customized resource list to help you in your journey.