Ciara Burton » Love your body. Train your mind. Feed your soul.

…in many ways, I’ve walked the same path as you.

When it comes to the hold-ups that are getting in the way of your big dreams, I understand what you’re going through better than most. Because in many ways, I’ve walked the same path as you.

  • I’ve thought (mistakenly) that self-love meant going to the gym day in and day out until my body caved into exhaustion.
  • I’ve used sweet indulgences as a band aid to cover up all the pain and frustration that was welling up inside of me.
  • I’ve lived my life on everyone else’s terms while feeling trapped inside my own body and mind.

But you know what I discovered? Creating the fun-loving life I truly desired had nothing to do with being thin.

It took quitting my job, adopting a mindful spiritual practice, giving myself permission to fall head-over-heels in love, and traveling to other countries to experience a new way of life to get there.

And it was these life-giving practices that helped me design a career that I’m now over-the-moon about, an extraordinary marriage that is literally my oxygen, and a body that gives me passion and purpose.

My friends, this is “soul food.”

And once you get a taste of it and experience the kind of satisfaction and fulfillment that I’m describing – you’ll never look back.

You see, there is a new way to “feel good” and it doesn’t involve diets or life-restrictions.

Here is the biggest secret of all, my programs don’t focus on -what to eat and how to eat it- because we all already know the answer to that question, we simply refuse to admit it to ourselves. The primary focus is on healing your relationship to all things – food, people, your job, and the most important one, with “You.” Obstacles in these relationships are the very things that get in the way of you being at your perfect weight, having the courage to start your passion-project and pathway to entrepreneurship.

When I figured this out, this is when everything changed for me.

So trust me, your “food-issues” (we’ve all had ’em) will work themselves itself out in the process of learning to fall in love with all parts of what makes you, You. In both of my programs, we will dive deep into decoding your strengths, talents and gifts (you may not even know some of them yet), and we will train your mind to shift perspective and look at life differently. And most importantly, we will add in soul-satisfying experiences that will fill your heart with a deep sense of humility, purpose and pure joy.

So, YES! … you can have it all.

  • a body you nourish vs. deprive
  • a relationship that empowers you both to be a better people vs. draw out your worst qualities
  • a job that allows you to exercise your strengths vs. rob you of your personal freedom
  • and time to transition into your new life-roles, gracefully, as a wife and a mother

Interested in learning more? Lets get in touch and you’ll know within 15 minutes whether this program’s for you.

Cheers to creating something awe-some together!

(… cuz life is just so darn good when you get off the struggle bus- you’ll see!)

With gratitude for you being here,