Ciara Burton » Love your body. Train your mind. Feed your soul.


You were designed perfectly and your struggles have made you into the determined woman you are now – for a special reason. You have been groomed for something greater. I believe you are being guided to do something unique, where with your passions, talents and strengths come together to create an extraordinary next life chapter (and a business too!). This 16-week program is ideal for the woman who has a desire to create a new foundation for extraordinary relationships and a fulfilling career that leverages her passion and strengths. She is eager to learn more about her “Why” and knows that nourishing herself at the body and soul level will get her there. She is ready to be committed for something bigger – and wants clarity on what that is –  so she craves having a coach by Her side every step of the way. We will do some deep soul level work to uncover who you are at your core – and we will create your next life-power-move from that sacred knowing.

Upon enrollment, you’ll receive an initial questionnaire to help us create a “game plan” for our time together.

For 16 weeks, you will have me in your back pocket. You’ll have access to my personal line so you can get the support you need, when you need it.

You’ll receive twelve 60-minute recorded phone sessions. Each session will be strategically designed to launch you into your next chapter boldly, courageously, and confidently, so that you can say YES to your true calling and life’s purpose. After each call, you will receive the recording and a brief recap of your goals.

You’ll also receive personalized mantras and a customized resource list to help you in your journey.