Becoming Her: The Next Evolution

For the woman who wants to feel better and proud of how she’s showing up, welcome!

If you’re ready to put an end to your inner struggle, you’re meant to be here. On our Breakthrough Call, I’ll show you the pathway to become a stronger, more confident leader — within your home (with the people you love most) AND within a passionate life (you build) that’s characterized by your values, desires and goals.

Becoming Heris the pathway to your next evolution



successfully with confidence and ease.



cultivate clarity about your current life’s purpose and aim in order to make decisions with more ease. 



and believe in yourself and your abilities more than anyone else.

In this program we will…
Turn setbacks into comebacks so you can live as the example you want to be for your children.
Uncover your purpose and pivot your career to make a meaningful impact.
Eliminate “mom guilt” by learning how to be present in a way that allows you to see the unique strengths of each child.
Deepen your relationships and solve the miscommunications within your marriage.
Find your tribe and magnetize to a community that “gets” you.

Together we’ll get to the “root cause” of what’s keeping you from living a life that feels fulfilling and good to BE in – in just 8 weeks.

These are the sentiments of the SOULFULLY AMBITIOUS WOMAN we help everyday

She yearns to sit in the driver’s seat of her life, but continues to find herself sitting in the back seat directionless and unable to find her way. Her voice seems to be lost. She feels all too overwhelmed by her circumstances and the disempowering ‘rinse and repeat’ cycles she finds herself in.

She is ready for “more.”

A new outlook.

A fresh perspective.

A game-plan that allows her to heal and put back together the broken, fragmented parts of her. A solution that enables her to hear her inner wisdom and come HOME to that sacred space within her where true joy, LIGHT and love exists.

Can you relate to these statements?
I’m overwhelmed by the rollercoaster of my emotions that feel reactionary and out of control
I want to feel happy, calmer, and less triggered towards everyone and everything
My TO-DO list commands my focus every day and I don’t like it - there’s got to be more to life!
Theres a darkness within me that looms and my loved ones can feel it
I feel anxious, sadness and a loss of purpose, like somethings missing
I’ve tried working on myself but am not receiving the results
I want and time is ticking I don’t have enough confidence and trust in myself to follow my intuition – it feels hard to hear.
I find myself chasing “the next thing” – but it’s not giving me the fulfilment I crave
I’ve changed, not necessarily for the better, and unfortunately my husband gets the brunt of it
It’s challenging to use my voice and express whats really on my mind – I regret yelling.
I want to move out of unhealthy patterns in my marriage and re-establish the connection
I am existing and not fully living
My biggest fear is that I will never have explored my untapped potential
Overall, I want to feel proud of WHO I am and HOW I’m showing up in life.
Some days I feel like I’m silently suffering and nobody seems to see me.

If this is you, I get it.This was me 6 years ago…

Hello! I’m Ciara! Prior to having children, I built a successful coaching career where I traveled to speak and teach my transformational tools virtually, in homes, communities and workplaces.

I felt I had reached my peak of professional and personal success – and then it seemed like everything changed after my difficult child birth experience.

6 years ago, I felt broken. As a new mom navigating my new circumstances I quickly felt lonely, unsupported and like I lost my sense of self. I had an all consuming love for my child but no systems in place to love and care for myself. It felt like life was happening TO me and even worse, I resented my husband for it. It was a heavy, hard and messy time. Although I was surrounded by people 24/7, I felt alone. On the outside it appeared we had it all together but on the inside I was silently suffering.

I was in need of deep healing. And because I didn’t prioritize that, my marriage slowly suffered, my confidence was at an all time low, and I was feeling more disconnected from the very things that at one point made me smile and come alive.

What if I told you I could give you the tools that will allow you to self-heal and move beyond all those negative, unhealthy feelings? What if you knew you could find fulfillment WHILE getting reacquainted with the strong, powerful woman you really are, deep down inside?

This was my path.

My life changed when I realized it was my responsibility to put on my imaginary combat boots and climb out of the muddy trench I found myself in – one step at a time. I realized it was not my husband’s job to rescue me – it was my job.

When I learned how to take radical responsibility for my life, everything changed.

I became “Her” … She is the version of me that knows how to:

– meet indecision with grace
– challenge with courage.
– overwhelm with peace.
– shame with compassion.
– doubt with confidence.

This is what I will teach you how to do too. As I say in the course…

“A home is not a home when the people within it are broken.”

You must evolve and Become.

The Becoming Her Path

These are the steps we take to get you out of survival and into thrival

You’ll learn how to reclaim your power, take back control and stay in your sovereignty
You’ll feel like your anxious, undesirable thoughts no longer control your mind
You’ll develop friendships and deep relationships with like-minded individuals
You’ll learn the art of receiving and will no longer let “giving” be the only thing you do
You’ll choose leadership over victimhood and release the “damsel in distress” archetype
You’ll hear your intuition loud and clear to make confident decisions
You’ll design a map that highlights your innate talents, gifts and strengths
Your radiance will attract aligned people and opportunities into your life now.
You’ll gain clarity on your purpose, letting go of all the things you think you “should” do
You’ll wake up energized, no longer feeling victimized by your tiredness
You’ll STOP reacting and yelling and will communicate with intention, no longer taking your strong emotions out on the people you love
You’ll put an end to the generational programming that was unconsciously passed down from your mom and her mom etc.. not only setting yourself free but your children free too.
You’ll STOP doing more and START being more.
You’ll fall in love with your life again…

Here’s to know if Becoming Her is right for you.


You want step into your leadership potential and live a life characterized by purpose and legacy


You’re ready to quiet your inner critic and put an end to the internal struggle.


You want solutions that work, clear direction and life changing results.

Personal development doesn’t have to be heavy, hard, and uncomfortable. There’s a better way. It can be inspiring.

Becoming Her teaches a curriculum for living that lasts for a lifetime
The complete step-by-step path to soul liberation, self discovery, healing, and harmony within. Modules covering topics like:
Inner-Directed Parenting : how to step into your leadership potential and draw forth the talents, gifts and strengths of your children.

How to Have a Difficult Conversation in 5-mins or Less and transform the communication in your relationships.

Tuning Up the Voice Within : how to activate your inner wisdom to make clear, smart, and quick decisions.

Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy : if I was made for “more” who would I be and what would I do?

Brain Training 101: how to stop anxious thoughts from derailing your success.

The Vulnerability Roadmap.

Body Love : healing from shame and negative thoughts about your body.

Our approach solves your problem(s) at their root. The extra weight and stress you carry from the unhealed matters of your heart no longer need to rob you of joy.
YOU are worthy of experiencing feelings of alignment and “flow” now.

Here’s a look into how we accomplish extraordinary results for the women we work with in just 8-weeks



By cultivating a harmonic, intuitive relationship with your body you will reach optimal health and ideal weight.

Guidance, clarity and understanding of what you truly want exist here – all from within.


To achieve breakthrough results, you must employ new behaviors or risk remaining complacent as you repeat harmful patterns that keep you feeling stuck.

We create new neurological pathways to achieve different results.



Living a deep, meaningful and purpose-driven life, means knowing who you are (your goals, values, motivations and aims).

We’ll help you let go of roles you think you need to play in order to achieve inner fulfillment. Only then will you exist more peacefully in the midst of chaos and uncertainty.



A bold and confident woman who is anchored in her purpose does not need a lifeline to call when things get tough. She is equipped with an inner guidance system she can trust above all else. This is the pinnacle shift that will make you truly liberated.
In addition to the 8-week curriculum for living, you’ll receive ongoing support to build strength in your new habits

Our Alumni program is FREE and an opportunity to hone in on the 27 life management and mindset tools you learn in the course.

Themed monthly calls, timed around the full moon

An Alumni Group that feels like a sisterhood where we share resources and our expertise

The ability to work 1:1 with our coaches via tune up sessions

In person retreats where you get to cultivate relationships with like-minded individuals and dive deeper into your personal development

A Becoming Her Playbook that includes everything you need to take your personal development to the next level. (This is includes book and podcast recommendations along with other healing resources that I use now)

Your next step is to apply for a Free breakthrough call…

Choose a time that works for you.


Submit our 5 question application


Show up on time as yourself

In Her words…

I just got off your masterclass today which I really really enjoyed. It

just got me even more excited about working with you because everything you say in that whole masterclass totally connected and resonated with me and I’ve never really felt that before in working with anyone else. I’m just grateful to you for reaching out to me.

– Susan Shah

I cannot recommend this Masterclass strongly enough! These shifts strip things down to help you move from a state of survival to truly thriving and feeling a sense of control.

– Kristen G.

I am flourishing and stepping into my power because of the tools I’ve learned! Officially launching my biz now and feeling like I’m enjoying motherhood & finding joy in life again is such an amazing feeling. This masterclass is a beautiful gift to all women.

– Lauren Janesz

This Masterclass and community has been one of the most eye opening and transformative experiences for me and I cannot recommend it enough!

– Steph Greunke

Moving from a state of mere survival to truly thriving as a leader, wife, and mother is one of the greatest things I’ve ever done, thanks to Ciara.

This Masterclass is inspirational, informative, and creates an awakening in
your soul that will leave a lasting imprint.

– Megan Stoltzfus

This is an amazing Masterclass. I took away so much from it! These shifts are so powerful!

– Danielle Jocelyn

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