Survival → Thrival

 5 Shifts Empowered Mothers use to Solve Anxiety + Reclaim their Power

(without adding to the To-Do List and feeling totally wiped out in the process)

Reclaim your power and get rid of that inner conflict, for good!


During This Masterclass, You’ll Discover…

The step-by-step plan my clients use to take back control and reclaim their power – at home, work and in relationships – becoming clear, confident, purposeful, and “unstuck”… even when that feels impossible.

The secret my clients use to parent without guilt and make decisions, both for themselves and their families, with total confidence… all without feeling wiped-out and overwhelmed in the process.

How our community taps into inner wisdom and goes from reading every personal development or “self-help” book under the sun, never implementing solutions that actually work, to solving anxious tendencies as our own as self-healers… within just a few weeks.

The system our empaths (energetically sensitive people) follow to break free from constant questioning, the desire to “get it right” and be “liked,” to owning their value and living life on their own terms – while also showing their kids how to do the same..

How awakening to the life you actually want will transform the “complacent” one you’ve found yourself in (one that may have been your dream, but feels far from it now) into a life that is aligned with your true nature.

And finally … how to do all of this while letting go of trying to be “the perfect mother,” living life on your own terms AND healing generational patterns with your own Mother along the way.

“You’re learning how to mother children, but you’re also learning how to mother yourself—which is a different you from the you before.”

Hosted by Ciara Burton. Known as “The Life Coach for Moms,” Ciara Burton has created a unique brand that’s freeing Mothers of anxiety and uncertainty by helping them return “home” to themselves.

In this Masterclass you will learn Ciara’s unconventional approach to heal from past patterns that become blockages to happiness and success, while uncovering the pathway to “feeling good” and on purpose as an empowered Mother.

In Her words…

I just got off your masterclass today which I really really enjoyed. It

just got me even more excited about working with you because everything you say in that whole masterclass totally connected and resonated with me and I’ve never really felt that before in working with anyone else. I’m just grateful to you for reaching out to me.

– Susan Shah

I cannot recommend this Masterclass strongly enough! These shifts strip things down to help you move from a state of survival to truly thriving and feeling a sense of control.

– Kristen G.

I am flourishing and stepping into my power because of the tools I’ve learned! Officially launching my biz now and feeling like I’m enjoying motherhood & finding joy in life again is such an amazing feeling. This masterclass is a beautiful gift to all women.

– Lauren Janesz

This Masterclass and community has been one of the most eye opening and transformative experiences for me and I cannot recommend it enough!

– Steph Greunke

Moving from a state of mere survival to truly thriving as a leader, wife, and mother is one of the greatest things I’ve ever done, thanks to Ciara.

This Masterclass is inspirational, informative, and creates an awakening in
your soul that will leave a lasting imprint.

– Megan Stoltzfus

This is an amazing Masterclass. I took away so much from it! These shifts are so powerful!

– Danielle Jocelyn

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