Real People. Real Change.

in their words

Aubree Fulham

“I started working with Ciara more than four years ago. Since then, I’ve had two kids, received a coveted promotion and launched a new practice at work. Before working with Ciara, this much change and responsibility would have done me in.”

Kristen Beeler

“I went in well prepared to do all the “hard work” it was going to take to move forward. This probably encapsulates the single most shocking and significant breakthroughs I experienced. What I learned is that it’s not about “hard work” and pain, it’s about subtle shifts and tweaks to the way I view and understand my life.”

Nicole Emerick

“Ciara immediately tuned into what was blocking my joy and creativity both professionally and personally in a way that I had never experienced prior. This program, reintroduced me to who I really was and taught me how to harness the power I had deep within all along.”

Brittany Kirby

“The Becoming Her program was the light and shift that I needed. With the guidance of Ciara I was able to understand that there is a beautiful pathway through feelings of self-doubt, cynicism, and resentment, leading me to find increased energy, spirituality, grace, and my voice.”


“When I think back to how different my life was, how different I was, just 8 weeks ago before the Becoming Her program, it feels almost unheard of that someone could make such giant leaps in such a short amount of time. I am confident, happy, and living a purpose-driven life.”

Natalie Bacon

“I can see the world differently, in the way I always wanted but didn’t know how to do for myself.”


“I was never able to truly be content or simply “Be.” But in my journey to Becoming Her, I realized that true happiness is in my heart, in my soul and in my control. I didn’t need to run away to find happiness.”

Stephanie Greunke

“I was starting to feel burnt out from extraordinary high expectations of myself which led to me feel resentful, lonely, and like a victim of my circumstances. I received more results in Ciara’s 8 week program than I did in months of therapy.”


“Through my coaching program, Ciara helped me to establish trust in myself and in my new business idea. She helped me to identify rituals that would connect me back to my intuition, when it wavered.”