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BirgitCiara is a light and a guide for me in every area of my life. She makes me see everything so clearly and gives me a new overview on things that I wouldn’t have never seen without her. She give me courage and strength to face huge fears that I had and made me see what I want in my life and live fully my dreams. She does all with great love and passion. I can feel myself now and I will never again let my circumstances push me down thanks to her!

Birgit Kunzli, Author, Speaker, and Teacher // Rome, Italy
ChrisP“In my time working with Ciara I have found an unchanging and unyielding part of myself that had become dormant sometime in the past. I wield the power to choose and create my own circumstances, rather than falling victim to them. With Ciara’s encouragement and intuition as a guide, I have found courage to dive headfirst into new things, whereas before I may have only seen blockers. It’s a quality that enabled me to make my career without a degree, and I’m so grateful for her help in rediscovering that willingness and ability to fearlessly move toward where I want to be.”

Chris P. // San Diego, CA



“Ciara quickly and accurately captured the essence of what I was trying to communicate by my brand–and helped me articulate and define this…As a result, I almost immediately gained many NEW clients to help grow my business. This is the most amazing ROI I have experienced in working with any professional consultant.”

Sue Kantor, Personal Wardrobe Stylist at Sophisticated Styling // Columbus, OH



“You are like magic and I am so appreciative that you are in my life!  You are an essential component of my journey and I feel inspired to do this work now, instead of scared.  I want to be the beacon of light for people that you are, and I pray that I can be an inspiration for someone- like you have been for me:)”

Jessie M. // Grosse Pointe Park, MI



“Working with Ciara was nothing short of life changing and expectation shattering. I went in well prepared to do all the “hard work” it was going to take to move forward. This probably encapsulates the single most shocking and significant breakthroughs I experienced. What I learned is that it’s not about “hard work” and pain, it’s about subtle shifts and tweaks to the way I view and understand my life. These small tweaks that Ciara is masterful at picking up on changed everything. My business has benefited massively from our work together. By picking up on and calling out a few small but significant weak points in my contracts and systems, Ciara helped me increase our capacity and overall success massively. I am happier, my clients are happier, my associates are happier AND we are accomplishing more. It literally feels like a miracle.

Kelsey Borlan Lee, Chief Executive Officer of The Brand Gals // Los Angeles, CA



“Coaching with Ciara has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. The depth of her insight and laser coaching skills never cease to amaze me. I have longed to connect with someone at this level of depth. Ciara has helped me to go beyond what I think I am “supposed” to be doing and explore my “next steps” from a more authentic place. She has helped me to embrace my inner knowing and develop a flow that works for me. That process just effortlessly emerged -and still continues to do so, naturally. Our sessions always leave me feeling inspired and full of energy…each one almost magically building on the next.”

L. Lytle // Atlanta, GA




“Thank you for seeing me for who I am, and for reminding me when I forget. This is one of the most beautiful gifts you could give someone, and I see you do it day after day with everyone you meet. You are such an amazing soul, and I am deeply humbled and happy to know you.”

Makena Sage, Marketing Strategy and Money Coach at Makena Sage // Encinitas, CA





“YES, YES, YES!!!  Your life WILL change in all the positive ways you want!!  My life changed … I landed a position with an incredible company, and it never would have happened without Ciara’s help in clearing the space and helping direct my energy.”
Tanja Elliott // Institute for Integrative Nutrition