How I Saved Myself from Materialism

Dec 12, 2018

How do your material “things” make you feel on a scale of 1-10?

Living a HIGH VIBE life means alignment on all levels especially with regard to our material possessions – like our clothes, home decor, organizational structures, etc…

I learned to appreciate luxury goods after working alongside Stuart Weitzman who makes the most gorgeous shoes. Meeting him, hearing his story, and experiencing his passion for his work caused me to fall in love with “things” that were curated in a similar fashion- out of passion and service for someone in need. A few years later, I realized I started to develop an unbalanced attachment to “things” that caused me to want more and more and more things – almost as if it were symbolic of my self-worth.

The more beautiful/cool my things were, the more beautiful/cool I was. 

UGH… right?

In 2010 I let go of my attachment to material things – and this was a pivotal moment for me.

There was only one “thing” that really mattered to me and it was a ring my Grandma gave to me that was passed down from my Great Grandma. When I accidentally dropped it into the ocean and slowly watched it sink into the dark waters, I thought I’d never forgive myself for being so careless. I kept thinking that this was “the ring” that was supposed to go to my daughter, and then her daughter and so on… I beat myself up.

That experience, set me free from the tremendous amount of value that I used to place on material things. I lost the one thing that meant so much to me and I was OK.

I fully forgive myself for not being more careful and I am grateful for this experience. Since then, I’ve dramatically reduced “clutter” and have experienced so much freedom from doing so. I have let go of things that don’t serve me/us anymore as an individual and as a family unit.

{It is always a lot easier than I imagine it will be}

When we detox our lives and our homes of the stuff that no longer serves us anymore, we release the energetic weight that we carry because of it.

As a result, we create energetic space for NEW things and experiences to enter in that will serve us in this moment in our lives.

… So for today, release your grip by letting go of something that doesn’t serve you anymore. Say this mantra to shift your mindset when needed.

“I let go of the material things that no longer serve me anymore.”




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