Finding Your Purpose as a Mom

Dec 12, 2018

If we want to know the greatest joy in life, bliss, we ought to dedicate ourselves to a purpose that we conceive as a mighty-heroic-valuable-meaningful one and give our very all to it.

Reflections from the book Zen and the Art of Making a Living

What is your purpose? The answer to this question is one most people I communicate with on a regular basis are seeking.

Imagine if you were to simplify this question: What is my purpose for today? What is my purpose in this current life-chapter as a mom?

Go with your first “gut” response and let this be easy.

If you just had a baby: My purpose in this current life-chapter is to be present with my child. I am getting to know her and she’s getting to know me. I will take each moment as it comes and try to remain peaceful and present.

If you just started a new job: My purpose is to show up powerfully at work. I am taking on starting my day in a healthy way and focusing on being more organized at work. I will not sweat the small stuff. I set healthy boundaries for myself and communicate them to my boss.

Here are some examples from the women I’m working with:

“I want to stay home and be the number one source of inspiration for my daughter. I’ve felt called to start an online business that allows me to express myself and also make a difference in the lives of others – while earning an income. The time is now. I will start by taking one small step everyday and breathe through my perceived overwhelm.”

“I want to make more money in my business. My purpose is to show up fully for my first client and knock this one out of the park. I will narrow my focus and make sure I am not spreading myself too thin by putting my family first, and this -work calling- second. If I can show up as ME, without distraction, I know I can make this happen.


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Purposes and callings-of-the-moments can be simple – the most important thing is that they feel EXPANSIVE and make you feel GOOD inside.

Identify HIGH VIBE people, foods and things that make you feel GOOD inside. Lean into these things more and more by taking one small step each day. As you fill up with people and things that bring you JOY – more opportunities for JOY will show up for you – AND you will get more clear on answering this question for yourself.

Like attracts like (choose the HIGH VIBES!)

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