How to Find your High Vibe Tribe

Dec 12, 2018

Are there people in your life that cause you to feel so-darn-good after being in their presence?

Are there others who have the opposite effect?  Imagine spending more time with those HIGH VIBE people who light you up just by being who they are. 

Imagine clearing the clutter in “relationships” by spending more time with HIGH VIBE people? Think about how your life would change for the better…

The Law of Attraction, like attracts like, is a real thing. Choose HIGH VIBE people, food, and thoughts and notice how quickly your life experiences will transform for the better. Need I say more…!?

If you don’t have a community of people who cause you to feel heard, valued and loved – its time to create one!

Who can you just be “You” with?

… (crickets)…. feeling stuck? Here is an example of an activity that worked for a client of mine: She was always interested in trying out yoga so instead of going to class with big sunglasses on and hiding in the back, she arrived 10 mins early and/stayed 10 mins late. She was willing to spark up conversations with people she’d never met and got curious whether there could be a possible connection. Sure enough, there was. (… duh!) She found one HIGH VIBE person and within a few weeks she was connected to more… and more… and more. Now her life looks wildly different than it did when we first began working together.

Having a desire to create new communities that are a vibrational match means having a willingness to express yourself freely with everyone you come into contact with.

Our communities expand and grow with us as we expand and grow in life, so don’t be surprised if you look around and notice that you’ve outgrown your communities. You may be experiencing growing pains and if so its time to expand sister! Say this mantra to yourself when you need a mindset shift.

“I communicate and express myself freely with everyone in my life.”

Trust that as you do “you,” you will be connected with people who need you just as much as you need them in this chapter of life.

Thank you to my sweet friends Nicole E and Kristi B for inspiring this post today – all the love!


let's be friends
let's be friends


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