Get “Unstuck” by Following your Intuition

Dec 12, 2018

Are you feeling stuck or as if you are in an uncertain time in your life? Your intuition may be trying to speak to you.

Are you listening?

Our intuition is like our very own internal guide that’s always trying to speak to us. Often times we’re just too darn busy to listen, cuz you know -> we’ve got a lot of responsibilities these days. But has it ever steered you in the wrong direction in the past?

Your intuition is (always) guiding you somewhere good. If you’re craving more personal freedom and are ready to set yourself free from the stories that have been holding you back in life – the first step is to quiet the mind and listen.

Easier said than done, I know. Let me explain…

In my life-strategy sessions, my clients and I discuss the voice in our head vs. the voice in our gut. Sometimes it’s difficult to discern which is which because they usually give conflicting advice.

The voice in our “gut” is the voice that encourages us to take the high road and do what’s best for ourselves and for each other. It encourages us to reach farther, go bigger, and take risks like – start a business, hire a coach, take a break from a toxic relationship, quit a job that feels “ugh” —- and may even sound a little crazy at times by saying things like —– sell your house and go travel the world, ask your husband for the money to invest in yourself, have another baby even if that means adopting, start a business with no “know how” or guarantee you’ll be successful while also raising a family.

It’s THIS voice that guides us toward living a more purposeful life.

Can you hear it?

What has your “gut” been saying to you recently?
Who has your “gut” been calling you to become?
A woman who _____.  {reflect}

Your intuition may instruct you to “DO” something and/or it may be calling you to “BE” more. For example, is your “gut” voice telling you to stop gossiping?  Is it telling you to be more present with your kids?

For me, my intuition has been calling me to BE more… more patient and present for the people who need me most. I know this is my truth as it aligns with some areas in my life I want to come alive in.

So taking it one step further, my calling of the moment is to actively surrender the “busy work” in favor of “quality time” with the most important people in my life. Reality TV, social media browsing, online shopping, social engagements etc.. will take a back seat for now.

As an ambitious woman, this is both a beautiful and challenging place for me to be.

This though is my path to an expanded, more conscious way of living – so I’m ALL IN to that.

Here is a mantra to help shift your mindset and tune in to your intuition:

“I listen to my inner voice and trust that my intuition is guiding me.”


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