Who Are You Becoming?

Feb 6, 2019

If you feel uncomfortable, you’re growing.

You’re growing into someone else. Your future self. The next version of you.

what is my calling

It’s time to get in touch with what life is grooming you for… do you know?

Ask yourself this question: Who are you being called to become?

We all receive “callings” to show up more fully in life, and often our callings come with discomfort. This is part of the process.

Just this week several people I know have expressed desires to:

  • start a blog and then eventually a business
  • make physical fitness a priority (“this is my year of losing the last 20 pounds of baby weight”)
  • give up alcohol (“and find new ways to wind down at the 5pm hour”)
  • put their marriage first (“we’ll start by going to a couples counselor”)
  • have another child, (“I just feel like there’s one more in the cards for us”)
  • to learn more about what they think their life-purpose is and who they were made to be.

Do any of theses desires resonate with you? If you’re like most of my clients, they likely do.

Let’s explore what it is I mean by a “calling” so I can help you identify it in your life.


What is a calling?

A calling is not your life-purpose.

Its a PULL toward “more.” More of “You” being expressed within yourself or out there in the world.

You may see it as a call to “self actualize” what you see is possible in your life.

If you’re curious, self actualization means…

the realization or fulfillment of one’s talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone.

This is a definition you’re going to want to become familiar with because it’s what’s going on inside you, which is more important than anything else.

Self actualization for me has been a process of “knowing thyself.” Who am I? Who was I made to be? What are my talents, gifts, strengths, fears and limitations? What are my God-given qualities … and what about me is learned behavior that I could possibly “un-do” and transform?

This level of self awareness has given me power.

A calling is not as measurable as a goal. It’s an energetic feeling to take aligned action. When you know yourself well, you will more easily be able to feel what’s aligned vs. misaligned. When something is misaligned you will be lacking in inspiration and your intuition will guide you out of your present circumstances. This is why it’s so important to listen to that still, small voice from within yourself because its guiding you in this self exploration process.

Your intuition may be guiding you to:

  • Face your fear
  • Learn about who you are
  • Find a new hobby and discover joy
  • Become more responsible with money
  • Depart from that friendship group that is no longer an energetic match

These examples are callings; opportunities to become a better, more enhanced version of “You.”

When you hear a calling is it wise to listen and take action immediately.  


Here’s how you can tell if you’re being pulled toward your calling…

  • … You are uncomfortable
  • … You are contemplating the future (a lot!) and maybe resisting it
  • … Sometimes, you feel lonely and frustrated in the present
  • … You feel lost and confused and in search for solutions
  • … You experience some extreme “gut-turns” and flashes of excitement to take a risk (but lack the clarity and confidence to GO FOR IT)

The many “calls” I’m experiencing in Motherhood

Uncomfortable, feelings lost and confused and in search of solutions? Yes, this has been much of the last 5 years for me in the “hood” of Motherhood. Here’s how I’m experiencing “calls” in this area of my life right now.

  • I am being called to up my organization game (oh the toys!)
  • I am being called to feel more joy at home in the midst of the mess
  • I am called to stop whatever I’m doing to play cars because it matters to my boys
  • I am being called to become more financially responsible and to create budgets for our spending
  • I am being called to trade in my shopping budget to invest in college funds
  • I am being called to make eye contact and to listen more

Keep in mind, it is not easy or possible to do all of these things at one time.

All you have to do is get committed and when an opportunity presents itself, lean in slowly.

Take action as often as possible, whenever possible.

Push through the discomfort.

Overtime and with consistent action you will have new habits in place and your calling will no longer be a calling, it will be your new “norm.”

This is exciting.

 what is my calling

My challenge for you…

I want you to think about who you are becoming.

Who do you want to become?

What do you feel called to?

If you’re not sure yet, that’s okay.

Start to pay attention. Become aware. Think and feel.

It will come to you. Trust the process.


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