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Mindful  Monday :: A shift in perspective

It’s possible to train our minds to think differently. One of the ways we do this is by replacing the old, unproductive thoughts with new, nourishing thoughts that encourage us take action on the things that matter most in life. Today we are talking about the need to “control.” Let’s dive in.

I release my need to control. I am willing to feel a deep sense of peace today.

When we let go of our need to control we open ourselves up to experience more personal freedom and inner peace. What things do we try to control? Our food and exercise choices? Other people’s reactions to us? If we lose control, what is the impact on the rest of the day …. is it a wash? Do we have to start over again the next day? Consider that when we release our grip on the way we think things “must” be and simply let them “BE” the way that they are, we create space to – release – of our need to control.


What’s worked for us years and years ago, may not be working for us now. Accept it. Find peace in the fact that we are no longer in the same life-stage that we were in before. It’s time to be up to creating new ways of living that satisfy our mind, body and spirit in our current life-chapter.


Lasting change occurs when we take one small step today in this moment right now… and then again in the next moment. Say this mantra and take 3 deep breaths when you feel triggered to control your external circumstances :

I release my need to control. I allow myself to be at peace.

I do the things that I know I need to do today gracefully and with ease to the best of my ability today.